“I was procrastinating for several months on an important project to a point that I had back pain and felt guilty. To me it was very clear that I needed external help. In a couple of hours, Anca enabled me to 1. gain clarity on the reason why I was postponing this project and pushing it outside of my priority list; 2. identify what was missing & next steps that I could follow easily and 3. have a clear goal I was working towards. She used key questions to help me reconnect to my personal values as well as techniques to help me visualize a positive outcome by staying committed and measuring my progress. The process itself felt fluid, relevant and extremely insightful, a true testimonial of her skill set and natural capabilities. You will not regret working with her as she will add value no matter what you are working on!”

Andreea, London, UK

“An incredible coaching experience! In our very first session where I explained to Anca what was blocking me in developing and launching my business, she led me progressively to discard my limiting beliefs and blocks. Interestingly, I felt totally changed internally as if I were a very different person. I am still impressed by Anca’s efficiency and accuracy. I strongly recommend her!”

Yayi, Belgium

“I knew I needed a change in my professional life. What I wanted to do was the BIG question. Anca made it clear from the start: the answer was inside me, and we worked together to identify the areas where my passions, my strengths and my values could meet. Anca accompanied me through a structured coaching and analytical process in 7 sessions that gave me a clear idea of what would be the perfect job. Her ability to ask me the right questions and to read between the lines of my words and behaviours, has been a key element of this quest. Enthusiastic with a strong positive energy, Anca is a dedicated coach, expert in NLP, who demonstrated great professionalism. Besides being helpful, it was a pleasure working with her and I would definitively recommend Anca!”

Laurent A., Belgium

“I worked with Anca recently to align my values to my goals. She was methodical and patient in her approach and made me realise how the values I was operating from were preventing me from reaching my goals. I also had a session of hypnotherapy with Anca which I found thoroughly enjoyable and really relaxing. I strongly recommend Anca, she is clearly a kind-hearted and passionate woman, and in my opinion, a great coach!”

Michelle E., UK

“I was lucky enough to have worked with Anca in 2014. Anca instantly put me at ease which allowed for really effective therapeutic sessions. She is an attentive, sensitive and dedicated therapist who expertly used hypnotherapy to help me really relax into levels of relaxation I had never previously experienced.  Her excellent use of positive and empowering suggestions has installed in me a new way of thinking and being which is reaping dividends in my daily life on many levels. She has helped me to realise the powerful being that I am and to eliminate disempowering beliefs that I previously held.  If you are looking for a great coach and therapist I can heartily recommend Anca. Thank you Anca!”

Matthew W., UK

“I worked with Anca last year. Her bright and friendly personality made me feel totally at ease, and she enabled me to deal with some personal difficulties which had been affecting me for many years.  This was achieved very quickly with a minimum of emotional distress.  I was very surprised how easy it was – I just had to follow her instructions and it was almost like magic! Thank you for your help Anca.  My life is now very different – I have a positive outlook and I know that I can achieve whatever I want to.  My husband has noticed the difference too and is also very grateful! Whether you need help in your personal or business life, I can wholeheartedly recommend Anca to you.  Make your appointment today – you won’t regret it!”

Theresa M., UK