Hourglass & change

There’s a painting in my parents’ house, in the dining area. The central theme is change, metamorphosis and the passing of time, evident since the piece of art shows an hourglass, big clocks, the 4 seasons, birth and death… It’s my favourite painting in the house, and there’s plenty of them, but this one is an open invitation to productive, results-oriented contemplation.

If you’ve been around much, you know I’m a big fan of change. And I’m not talking about change, as in change for the sake of it, I’m talking about change as in growth, as an evolution to something better and greater.

Time passes and change happens inevitably:

“Wow, your children have grown so much!”; “Oh, it’s been 3 years since the last time I saw you”; “It’s already been 8 years since you moved to London”; “We’ve been friends on Facebook for 7 years!”; “I’m going to my 20 years high school reunion”.

We move on. Whether we are aware of it or choose to be oblivious, time passes.

And yet, there are some things that never change; the things that we keep under the “to do one day” label.

“I will have my own business… one day”
“I will write a book… one day”
“I will go on that dream holiday… one day”
“I will loose the extra weight… one day”
“I will have a new car… one day”

While keeping these dreams locked up in a mental drawer, we always notice when other people achieve precisely what we want to achieve too. Of course, we’ve never even tried putting in the work, because there was always something else, more pressuring, more important to do, than working on a dream. But then we see this other person’s achievement, an overnight success to us, because we can’t even begin to consider what happened back stage, before the actual achievement came along.

What triggered these thoughts? I just got tickets to see Chris Guillebeau speak again in London. It’s been at least 6 years since I started following Chris online, and boy I did come a long way since then! An MA student dividing her time between a full time job and her university courses, an overworked and responsible wanna be adult splitting her salary between university credits and living costs.

Those were tough times and it makes me smile when I look back now, after I’ve achieved some of the goals I’ve set back then, and changed and adapted others, based on my growth and my learnings, and then achieving them.

I’m curious, what goals are you keeping locked up in your “to do one day” mental drawer? What is it that you’re dreaming of achieving and haven’t started yet? Let me know in the comments below and then Book a FREE Results Coaching session, for us to define together the fastest route for you to achieve that goal!

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