A collection of techniques, strategies, tools and attitudes, NLP is a groundbreaking model that enables and empowers people to achieve the results they always wished to achieve, and to use language with intent, to become better and more effective communicators.

A user manual for your brain, NLP shows that people can change the way they think, the way they perceive outside events and the way they react in various situations, thus allowing them to have more options in their personal and professional lives. Our thoughts, our language and our behaviour impacts our results. Thus, the techniques in NLP are a catalyst for positive change.

Successful people have used NLP to overcome their fears, anxieties and limiting beliefs about their own capabilities, and to empower themselves to change their behaviour in order to upgrade their results, constantly achieving their goals and living a richer life.

The difference that makes the difference

NLP was created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder by studying the works of 3 models of excellence in their fields. Bandler, a psychologist, and Grinder, a linguist, observed that excellent results Milton Erickson (hypnotherapist), Virginia Satir (family therapist) and Fritz Pearls (creator of gestalt therapy) had with their patients, and modeled them to find out how they did what they did, to achieve such exceptional results.

Curious, willing to experiment and acting as if they knew exactly what they were doing, Bandler and Grinder modeled their three models of excellence in a number of ways, the results of their modeling being the tools, techniques and strategies used in NLP.