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Sports and I have never been best buddies. So when I decided to do #RedesignYourBody, it was sports that seemed to be the most challenging component.

I knew I could consciously choose to eat only what’s ‘allowed’.

Also, I know exactly how to work on my mindset.

But what if I found sports challenging only because I hadn’t changed my mind about sports in the first place?

Bang! Did I just hear a penny drop?

Yeah, I must have…

A while back I would have told you I ain’t no running girl. I wanted to be, but the want and the being are two different things. And then I started working on it. I first worked on my mindset. Then I changed my approach. Then I’ve set a goal. I broke my goal into manageable chunks. I consistently went for runs (even in the rain).

What happened next?

It turns out I am a running girl! I’m fitter, stronger, happier and more energetic, and I’ve only been running for a couple of weeks. Yes, I’m consistent. Yes, I run in the rain. Yes, I wake up earlier to make time for it. And yes, I absolutely love it now!

You see, the three components of #RedesignYourBody, nutrition, sports and mindset, are all inter-connected, which means they actually support or sabotage each other and yourself.

So when you eat healthily, your workout session goes smoother, when you have a good workout, you feel happier and more motivated to keep going and when you know with absolute certainty that you can achieve a workout goal, or any goal related to the way you want to look and feel, your compliant body is actually eager to take you on that journey right up to the end, where achievement lives!

But it all starts with your mindset. Because before you change your eating patterns, and before you hit the gym, you gotta quieten that little voice inside your head that says:

“I can’t do it”

“I’m not good / strong enough to do it”

“I don’t have the time to do it”

“My lover should love me no matter how I look”

“I don’t afford to do it”

But what if you could do it?

What if you’d prove yourself you are in fact good and strong enough to do it?

Could you possibly find the time to do it?

What if I told you your lover’s feelings towards you are just a mirror of how you feel about yourself?

You only have one body; so can you afford not to do it?

Yes, because by exercising, eating healthily and looking after our own mind, we are investing in ourselves, and investing in ourselves is the best investment we can ever make. Why? Because being healthy and fit is a pre-requisite for happiness and for being able to achieve any other things important to us: advancing in our careers or growing a business, having and raising a family, being active members of our communities, making more money and enjoying everything money can buy.

So it might start with just being fitter and healthier, and this might not be the first item on our list of priorities, but looking at the snowball effect the way we feel and look has on our lives, it should definitely be top of the list!

Ready to make yourself a priority?

Whether you want to be fitter, or want to be healthier, or want to look better and have more energy, or perhaps all of these things and more, decide to join me for #RedesignYourBody, the ultimate mind-body development programme for people who want to look and feel great! The blend of the most powerful mind-changing tools and the latest research regarding nutrition and sports guarantee the results of this programme. Whereas traditional diets fail, the success of this programme is ensured by the integrated approach to nutrition, sports and mindset.

Don’t take my word for it, check my results instead! And promptly…

Join me to #RedesignYourBody!

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