I used to be a skinny kid, almost the kind of skinny you see on the telly, in kids who suffer from malnutrition. My parents struggled to feed me and I just wasn’t interested.

Fast forward to more recent times, I learnt by myself how eating in excess and doing no exercise can lead to gaining more kilogrammes than I was happy to carry around. According to the NHS Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator, at my heaviest, I was just shy of being overweight.

I know, some people would argue it wasn’t a problem, that actually I was just slightly chubby, that my weight was not an issue. Maybe it wasn’t, not by comparison to other people. But it was a problem for me and for for how I used to feel. This was about me, not anybody else! Going beyond aesthetics, I was feeling heavy. I was getting tired faster. I was slower. I was lethargic after eating. And yes, I didn’t feel particularly great when looking in the mirror. 

How did I get from one extreme to the other you might ask? I don’t think the answer is as relevant as to what I did about it!

I am fortunate enough to have a friend who tested all the diets out there – from starvation to Dukan, from low fat to protein something, something! He tested enough diets, and did enough research, exercise, and mind-training, until he found the right formula for redesigning his body! And when I needed advice and I turned to him, he was there to give me a tried, tested and successful formula for me to have the body I wanted to have.

Perhaps tried, tested and successful formula sounds like a load of bull, the kind of load of bull you read in full-of-skinny-models magazines and on full-of-popups websites. Maybe. And yet, here I am saying just that because I did end up Redesigning my body with this precise tried, tested and successful formula!

So what’s different about this programme?


I know, this is a no-brainer, but do bare with me! So, the first thing for losing weight, and what most people tackle, is the food they eat. The general changes are stopping to eat some foods, aka pick whatever fancy named diet you want, and maybe eating at certain hours and maybe skipping meals.

Yes, lots of people are successful in losing weight, maybe quite a lot, at least the first few times they go on a diet. What happens afterwards, is that whenever they are happy with the progress or the results they achieved, they have a “treat”. Then they have another “treat”. And then they go back to their eating habits, put the weight back on, maybe even put on a few pounds extra, and there you have it: yo-yo dieting!


Some people hit the gym or start running in order to lose weight, sometimes changing their eating habits as well, and sometimes not. But exercising, like there’s no tomorrow, has its drawbacks too!

If you are exercising and then eating the same foods, in the same or bigger quantities, and you would be hungrier after gym than after sitting at a desk, your weight would not go down. And that’s because although you’re sweating and breaking yourself in the gym, you’re gaining muscle, and the muscle stays tucked in, underneath the layer of fat you’ve acquired. Is this what you want or would you rather get rid of the fat and work on your muscles?

That’s why most weight loss programmes have a nutrition component and an exercise component. Yet, weight loss or body remodelling programmes don’t tackle the one critical aspect which can support or sabotage all of our efforts!


When you are obsessively focusing on your eating habits and on exercising (no slipping!!!), you have a good chance of getting the results you were dreaming of. And yet, to support yourself in your endeavour to chance the way you feel and look, you want to have the right mindset to do this, the kind of mindset that empowers you to achieve your goals! 

If you are doing emotional eating, and then you decide to change your eating habits and to exercise, you will get results. BUT, since what you were doing is emotional eating, unless you deal with your emotions, as soon as you stop focusing on your food, you’ll go straight back to your emotional eating and put the weight back on.

If you start your diet and exercise routine with a bunch of limiting beliefs on board, such as “I can’t do this” or “My parents are fat and therefore I am fat and I bet this isn’t going to work for me” or “I’m not good enough / as good and as determine as [fill in with name], so I can’t do this”, guess what? You won’t be able to do it! You know why? Because we love proving ourselves right and you’re going to ensure you’re gonna fail, in order to pat yourself on the back and prove yourself you were right.

If you’ve been trying for a while to lose weight or change your shape and failed, it could be because the strategy you chose isn’t the best strategy for you. We are all different and whatever works for you, might not work that well for me and vice versa. So if what you did so far isn’t working, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you, it just means that you need a different strategy to achieve the results you want! And what is the right strategy for you?

All these aspects are related to your mind, to your mindset. You can eat differently and exercise all you want, because if your mindset does not support and empower you, then it sabotages you. And if it’s sabotaging you, then you cannot possibly achieve the results you want! And this goes for any goal, in any area of your life.


This is where Redesign Your Body™ is different! #RedesignYourBody™ is the ultimate mind-body development programme for people who want to look and feel great! The blend of the most powerful mind-changing tools and the latest research regarding nutrition and sports guarantee the results of this programme. Whereas traditional diets fail, the success of this programme is ensured by the integrated approach to nutrition, sports and mindset.

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