You are probably spending at least 40 hours a week working in your job, without counting the hours you think about work outside of the traditional nine to five. Maybe you are also taking some of your work home, and maybe you are receiving work emails and phone calls during weekends.

Wouldn’t it be great if you were passionate about your work, and your work was meaningful to you and well paid at the same time? It can be!

Why you need a Career Do-Over:

  • Are you tired, bored and demotivated at work?
  • Are you feeling stuck in your career?
  • Are you looking forward to Friday only because you want to be away from the office?
  • Do you wish you had chosen another career path, perhaps followed your dreams?
  • Are you unsure about the kind of job that would give you money and satisfaction at the same time?

If you’ve answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, you know, like me, that you aren’t happy with the way your professional life is unfolding. You probably also know that you can change your job, you can change your career,  or you can build your own business, and steer it towards work you enjoy doing, pays well and brings out the best in you.

What does career Do-Over do for you?

  • Learn the Success Principles – and apply them in your career, your business and all areas of your life
  • Discover your career values – because you should know what makes you happy & fulfilled at work
  • Know your personality profile and how to make it your advantage – because it’s easier to lead with your strengths
  • Delete your limiting beliefs – because at the moment they hold you back from achieving your true potential
  • Identify your best skills and abilities – and use them to be the best in your job or business
  • Know your decision-making and motivation strategies -and employ them to achieve your best results
  • Pinpoint the activities that drain your energy and time – and eliminate them to free time and space for work that’s meaningful
  • Find your life purpose – and align your work with something bigger that encompasses your whole life

How I can have a Career Do-Over

This is a series of seven intense sessions where we work together to firstly find the job or the business of your dreams and then land it. You will have plenty of work in between the sessions, to apply everything you learn and to make all the steps towards finding the perfect job or towards building a business. I will be there every step of the way to give you the support and empowerment you need, to hold you accountable, to give you guidance and to ensure you achieve your goal.

What if I have a Career Do-Over?

When you have a Career Do-Over, you learn what your life purpose is, you learn what’s important to you in your life and your work, you learn how to employ your personality profile and your strengths to maximise your results. You are confident in yourself and your abilities, you are congruent in your actions and you always know what to do next.

Just suppose for a moment that you love your work, that you feel fulfilled by what you do, that you are making enough money to afford everything you want and that you could feel the positive effects in all areas of your life. What would you change right now if this was true, the changing of which would enable you to have this job or business? You may even begin to believe that you can be that happy and fulfilled person with the ascending career or thriving business.

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